Sujitha Gajamukananthan

Sujitha Gajamukananthan | Complete Care Physiotherapy Center | Etobicoke ON | Maple ON

Sujitha Gajamukananthan

Patient Care Coordinator

Sujitha Gajamukananthan has an educational background in the Social Sciences & Humanities with a specialization in Psychology & Criminology from Lakehead University (Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science Degree). Additionally, she has experience composed of educational training in Kinesiology and hands-on experience working in the therapeutic field.

She has extensive experience and is certified in providing leadership and expertise in social services, mental health, nonviolent crisis intervention, private security and investigative services, and law enforcement/ regulation. Sujitha is passionate about her role as a Patient Care Coordinator because she loves to help create a positive impact in the lives of her patients and the people she is working with. In her spare time, she enjoys meditating, dancing, playing soccer, swimming and travelling.

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