Work Hardening Program

Welcome to Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre, where we offer a specialized Work Hardening Program in Etobicoke, Vaughan, and Mississauga. This interdisciplinary rehabilitation program is designed to assist individuals in returning to work after a workplace injury. Let's explore the key aspects of our program. What is the Work Hardening Program? The Work Hardening Program at Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre is a personalized and comprehensive rehabilitation plan. It consists of progressive work-related exercises conducted in a controlled environment. The primary objective is to facilitate a safe return to work by focusing on the conditioning of musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems. This program is divided into three essential components: 1. Cardiovascular Training: We dedicate one-third of the program to cardiovascular training tasks, aiming to enhance the endurance of the worker. 2. Injury-Specific Tasks:Another one-third of the program focuses on injury-specific tasks to ensure stability in the affected or injured area. 3. Work-Simulated Activities:The remaining one-third is dedicated to work-simulated activities, specifically targeting the critical demands of the job. Who is the Work Hardening Program for? Our Work Hardening Program in physical therapy is primarily tailored for individuals who have experienced workplace injuries or illnesses and need assistance in returning to their jobs. This program gradually increases the intensity of activities, including lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling, to rebuild strength and endurance. What is the goal of the program? The main objective of our Work Hardening Program is to support individuals in safely resuming their job responsibilities while minimizing the risk of reinjury or further complications. Key performance indicators (KPIs) of our program include: - Education on Injury Management: Empowering patients with knowledge on how to independently manage pain. - Enhancing Strength, Mobility, and Flexibility: Addressing individual patient needs to improve overall physical capabilities. - Boosting Functional Capacity and Endurance: Preparing patients for work-related activities by increasing their capacity. - Building Patient Confidence:Developing trust and confidence in performing activities. - Tailored Goals:Customized goals to help patients return to work at a level similar to their pre-injured state. At Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre, we are dedicated to your successful recovery and return to work. Contact us today to learn more about our Work Hardening Program in Etobicoke, Vaughan, and Mississauga.