Anand Patel, Registered Physiotherapist

Anand achieved his Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2009 and Postgraduate Degree in Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management in 2011 from Humber College in Toronto. Anand has taken numerous postgraduate courses in a variety of areas including Advanced Manual Therapy, Concussion Management, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Acupuncture and Active soft tissue release. As a continuing learner he is working on obtaining his Diploma of Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy. Anand co-owns and manages clinical practices in Toronto, Hamilton, and Burlington.

Since graduation Anand has worked in both hospital and clinical setting where he worked with post hip and knee replacement patients to complex orthopaedic injuries. Anand's experience working as a personal trainer provided him experience to work with diverse clientele as well athletic population to achieve their optimal fitness goal. Now Anand is on a mission to guide others through their recovery. He has a knack for helping people to return to optimal function, and he finds a deep sense of fulfillment in the work that he does day in and day out.

Anand provides patients with a detailed initial assessment to determine the root cause of their problem, followed by hands-on manual therapy which is his primary focus of treatment, education, and a custom exercise program. He has a client-centered approach to rehabilitation and believes that education and exercise components empower the patient to be active participants in their own rehabilitation. His clinical interest includes treating patients with orthopaedic injuries, motor vehicle and general work-related injuries. He has a special interest in treating patients with rotator cuff injuries.

When not working, Anand spends time with Family, travelling and watching sports.

Alpa Sawant, Resident Physiotherapist

Alpa Sawant, has graduated with Bachelor of Physiotherapy and completed a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy with specialization in Orthopedics.

She is very passionate about her work as a Physiotherapist and believes in taking minute details into consideration while assessing the patients to design the plan of care which is in best interest of the patient.

She has a strong background of working in diverse work settings like Multispeciality Hospitals, Clinics and Long term care facilities.

She believes that learning is a lifelong process and keeps herself updated by attending and being part of various workshops, courses and seminars regularly. She has plans of pursuing further courses in Manual therapy and Dry needling.

Outside work, either you will find her outdoors taking a walk trying to connect with nature, reading and trying new workouts, latest favorite being Zumba.

Dr. Ivan Kirov, Doctor of Chiropractic & Registered Massage Therapist

Dr. Ivan Kirov is a qualified Chiropractic Doctor and a Registered Massage Therapist who has fulfilled all academic and clinical requirements prescribed by the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and College of Massage Therapy of Ontario. He is a Registered Trigenics® Practitioner and Instructor. He has been teaching courses that specialize in the shoulder, midbody and spine and the knee. He is a Functional Range Release® Practitioner specialized in treating the Upper Limb and Spine. He is a Contemporary Medical Acupuncture™ practitioner. He teaches the Trigenics® technique to chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, and massage therapists. He practices using primarily Functional Range Release, diversified technique, manual release therapy, rehabilitative training and contemporary acupuncture. He finds the art of manual therapy very interesting and rewarding while enjoying the challenge of dealing with complex multifaceted cases where innovation and use of the literature combine to create results.

Wendy Rolek, Registered Massage Therapist

Wendy Rolek graduated from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in North York and gained experience working in both outpatient physiotherapy and chiropractic clinics. She has acquired certifications as a Registered Massage Therapist and in Basic Shiatsu. She became a massage therapist because she enjoys helping to lessen the pain of her clients without the use of medication. The alternative medical field has always interested her greatly. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, dancing, gardening and biking.

Gabriella Pablo, Acupuncturist and Osteopathic Practitioner

Gabriella Pablo is a kind, respectful and intuitive professional who treats her patients with individual attention and treatment required to obtain the best results. She strives to not only treat her patients emotionally but also physically. Gabriella is an acupuncturist and osteopathic Practitioner. Gabriella completed manual manipulation training from Toronto Academy of Osteopathy and Health Science and is a graduate of the Ontario College of Chinese Medicine as well as the College of International Holistic Studies. She is also registered with the Ontario Association of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has been practising acupuncture and shiatsu massage for over 13 years.

Gabriella specializes in using Acupuncture as a method of preventing , analyzing and treating most ailments. Some treatments include back pain, sciatica, fatigue etc. Manual manipulation can help your joints, muscles and spine. Treatment aims to help the body’s nervous system, circulatory and lymphatic system. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and spending time with family.

Radhika Makwana, Registered Physiotherapist

Radhika Makwana graduated with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree in 2009. She then completed her Master in Exercise Science and Physiology from the University of Suny Buffalo in New York and achieved her New York State Physical Therapist License in 2011. She practiced in New York for three years before moving to Canada in 2014.

She says she has always been motivated to learn new things and is continuing to increase her knowledge by pursuing continuing educational courses in Advanced Upper Extremity complex programs and Hand Therapy courses.

She also participated in research for a study called “The effects of interval training for weight loss” at Suny Buffalo Institute and worked on a thesis about the neurological effect in muscular dystrophy patients.

She enjoys applying her knowledge to help patients gain a faster and better recovery. She is especially interested in treating patients with neck and shoulder issues.

Radhika has years of professional experience delivering physical therapy services as manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, LASER therapy, shockwave therapy (ECST) and customized exercise prescriptions which are supervised exercise regimes tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Apart from working as a physiotherapist, she enjoys reading, painting, baking and spending time with family and friends. She is always eager to learn more, share more, and provide high quality service to her clients using evidence-based research and techniques.

Geeta Samant, Physiotherapy Resident

Geeta Samant is a Resident physiotherapist with a degree in Physiotherapy. She has special interest in Orthopaedics & Sports Injuries. She has recently completed a diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion from Humber College.

Geeta is passionate about the Physiotherapy profession and is very keen on learning and using the advancements in the field from a very research based practice. She has also obtained various additional certifications in Kinesio-taping and Manual therapy technique. (Hands on Therapy)

She believes that movement is the key to a healthy life and ensures that as a Physiotherapist, she formulates a tailor-made program for each client to achieve their goal and maximize their function. She is very detail-oriented and goal-driven for her clients.

Geeta enjoys writing and reading in her spare time. She also likes to workout, listen to music and watch movies.

Sujitha Gajamukananthan, Patient Care Coordinator

Sujitha Gajamukananthan has an educational background in the Social Sciences & Humanities with a specialization in Psychology & Criminology from Lakehead University (Honours Bachelor of Arts & Science Degree). Additionally, she has experience composed of educational training in Kinesiology and hands on experience working in the therapeutic field. She has extensive experience and is certified in providing leadership and expertise in social services, mental health, nonviolent crisis intervention, private security and investigative services, and law enforcement/ regulation. Sujitha is passionate about her role as a Patient Care Coordinator because she loves to help create a positive impact in the lives of her patients and people she is working with. In her spare time, she enjoys meditating, dancing, playing soccer, swimming and travelling.

Sindy Ramos, Patient Care Coordinator

Sindy is a York University student majoring in health management, aspiring to one day go into health service management. She is a course representative for one of her classes and has a primary focus on building her leadership skills and has an eagerness to experience the healthcare field. She has a big heart for people and loves to help make people's lives a little brighter. Sindy is absolutely thrilled to be working at Complete Care Physiotherapy Centre and helping to improve the quality of life in clients through patient-centered care. In her spare time, she loves to listen to music, cook, and spend time with friends and family.